Takaya and Mark Kerschbaumer – We are both 48 years old, from Squamish BC.  Takaya owns Sakura Landscapes and Mark designs houses from his home office.  We ski the winter and bike the summer, sprinkle in the odd surf trip untill we went all in with the motos. We took a year off in 05-06 to travel South East Asia for 3 months then 10 months around Austrtalia in a van. After the trip – we came home, built a house, worked our asses off and never stopped thinking about another longer trip – this time on motorbikes – with the ultimate goal being to ride around the world. That would take 3-4 years to do it propertly and we are still clinging to our home lives so figured on this one year to South America – then come back and re-evaluate next steps.  It is tempting to sell everything and just head out but we re not quite there yet.