Feb 26 Torres del Paine

We left Tierra del Fuego couple days ago – BTW Tierra del Fuego is basically the southern most large island , seperated by the Straights of Magellan.  When he first sailed thru in 1520 he say many fires of local native populations and hence the name.  Crossed back across wind blown pampas getting a great neck work out holding helmets into the wind and wearing out the sidewalls of our tires.  Nothing exciting but cam back to Puerto Natales where our friend and travel companion Craig Olsen will take a ferry back up north in preparations to fly back to Minnesota, and we went to Torres del Paine National park to see the great granite spires and glaciers.

The hike was 18 km return and 800m of climbing – TK blazed up and back – I on other hand had to walk halfway back backwards – the knees were toast and legs shattered – Nothing like sitting prone on a moto for 6 months then hauling up a mountain side to send my lower body into shock and collapse.  We were planning on camping and a hike next day but no way jose – we retreated to our hostel in Natales not getting back till 10pm.  Oh, but the hike was real nice – insane granite spires – but was one of the last weekends of ‘summer’ here and the trail resembled Squamish Chief hike on busy long weekend – endless line of hikers. We will head north tomorrow to ‘Trekking capital of Argentina’ – home of Mt Fitz Roy and other glacial wonders.