Feb 9 Somewhere inPatagonia

From Pucon we head south to ride the famous Caraterra Austral, a 1200 km road through Patagonia in the south of Chile that links the remote towns, was once gravel and now mostly paved but goes through spectauclar mountains and glaciers. Dec 18 a massive landslide ripped 8km down a valley, tore out the road near the north end and buried a village killing 20-30 people. The detour involves several ferries with long wait lines so we chose couple of mountain passes to cross in argentina head south and then back below the slide, riding through several mountain ranges w nice waterfalls. I have given up on posting pics here and will use instagram instead.

Been cold and raining lately, been trying to camp but surprisingly no good spots as all ranchland. Today we cross southernmost motorable mountain pass back into argentina on way to Ushaia