Month: February 2018

Mark K

Feb 2 Santiago and Pucon

Planned to spend 3 days in Santiago ended up there a week to track down new tires, chain and sprockets and do full service on the bikes.  Otherwise did not do much but hang at moto hostel, sleep and eat.  Hit road south and ended up in Pucon.  The land changes from desert to green …

Mark K

Feb 26 Torres del Paine

We left Tierra del Fuego couple days ago – BTW Tierra del Fuego is basically the southern most large island , seperated by the Straights of Magellan.  When he first sailed thru in 1520 he say many fires of local native populations and hence the name.  Crossed back across wind blown pampas getting a great …

Mark K

Feb 9 Somewhere inPatagonia

From Pucon we head south to ride the famous Caraterra Austral, a 1200 km road through Patagonia in the south of Chile that links the remote towns, was once gravel and now mostly paved but goes through spectauclar mountains and glaciers. Dec 18 a massive landslide ripped 8km down a valley, tore out the road …