Jan 3 Nazca and Arequipa

Last we left off TK and I were in Nazca and about to board a plane for a flight over the awesome Nazca Lines.  These lines were made by some people a long time ago (ok, I forget who and when).  The  area is a huge flat desert covered with a layer of dark rocks, and when you move the rocks aside it exposes the red soil below.  The climate is hot, never rains, and next to zero wind so they have remained intact.  From above it is a maze of loooong straight lines, different geometric shapes, and bunch of animal figures.  It is thought they were basically made to talk to the gods to make it rain because the climate in the area changed from wet to totally dry.  The flight was amazing and really the only way to see the lines properly.  You can see them best first thing in the am so we took a 7am flight and were back at hotel and on the road by 11.

Rode 400kms to beach town of Camana on the Pan American highway.  Coast line is real beautiful – just desert and ocean as the road winds along the coast.  Camana was real busy as it was night before New Years so we ate some shitty Chinese food and turned in.

Next day rode inland to Arequipa, second largest city in Peru and have now been here for 4 nights mainly getting the bikes serviced and a bunch of niggly little things fixed. Riding through a toll booth I clipped a post and it ripped my side pannier off and broke the rack in half  We arrived on New Years eve and in true Kerschbaumer fashion were hiding in bed by 9pm watching Netflix after a splurge of a dinner at a fancy restaurant.  Anyways, town is real nice – lots of colonial buildings and they were all built from the same white volcanic rock.

Lots of stores and restaurants in these old building all have very cool circular vaulted ceilings.  To fix the bikes we tracked down a local tour company, Perumotos.  They have a shop and were awesome.  Their man Carlos jumped onto fixing my broken muffler heat shield and pannier frame while I did an oil change.  We also took time to do one of my favourite things- walk the local markets where we scored amazin fruit smoothies.

Also been sleeping alot, taking naps and plain ol resting up.  Tomorrow we hit the road again to the Colca Canyon, second deepest canyon in the world and a great place to see the Andean Condors take flight once the morning thermals begin to warm up.  After that we will head south the Chile then duck into Argentian to position ourselves to watch some the of Dakar rally when it rolls through there Jan 14 ish.  All for now folks – By the way we are working on getting an email subscription thing setup so if you like you can receive notification when we post up.