Dec 22 Chicama

After we regained the coast in Ecuador we pinned it south, entering Peru.  Landscape turns to endless desert, long straight highway and so much garbage everywhere it truly boggles the mind.  A couple of nights spent in non-descript towns with medicore hotels untill we arrived at Puerto Malabrigo – a small fishing town that is home to the longest surf wave in the world – Chicama.  It is said to be a 4km long wave, but cant really be surfed all at once, rather in sections.We spent 4 days here in a beach side hostel run by this fantastic couple from Spain, Katja and Nacho.  There was not much swell the frst couple of days so they kindly took us out and showed us where we could get some waves while we bided our time awaiting a swell that was due to arrive on the third day.

The waves break off a point and result in such a crazy powerful current that sweeps parallel to shore it is like you are standing in a fast flowing river.  The best way to surf is walk out to the point, paddle out into position and catch waves as you can whilst being swept down along the coast.  Once you get to the end, you paddle in and walk back to the point for another lap.  There are zodiacs who, for a fee, will pick you up and keep circulating surfers to the point to save the walk.  I had some minor success first couple days but on day 4 managed to ride longest wave of my life, so left town a happy guy.