Dec 14 Ecuador!

For real, when I woke up this morning the toilet flushed clockwise, this eve it flushes counter clockwise, seriously, i just checked!!! 

Hey, sorry we dont have many pics again. It is super frustrating as they fail to load over and over so have to figure something else out. 

Anyways, just a quick note, we are now in Ecuador and today we crossed the equator, bit of a milestone. We r adjusting our plan of attack, going to ride quickly down the pan american to get to the southern end at Ushaia while weather is still nice there, then move north more slowly and savour Peru as it enters the dry season in April. We r basicaly rushing thru Ecuador and Peru along the coast. Seems a bit of a crime but as we are learning, ya cant see everything. From here it is a paltry 10,000 kms to Ushaia then back up. Distances down here are redonkulous.