Dec 6 Solento

Heading south out of Medellin we chose a route that appeared to parallel the main highway. The road was great twisty pavement with hundreds of sweeping corners through the countryside. At the village of Sonson some locals advised heading east to some hot springs so away we went. The road crossed over a mountain pass and eventually turned to single lane dirt road with the most amazing viewscapes. After 50 km of dirt tracks we arrived to find a hotel and restaurant facility at the hot springs so we spent the night and had a good soak. The place was packed which is surprising as all the roads here were these rough dirt roads. Unless you have a 4×4, folks take busses they call escaladors – (escalators) as they go slow and steady up and down the remote roads

We spent then night – then next moring a few minutes away we cam upon a bridge under construction and the only way over the river was via this sketchy cable car they had built- loading it was tricky as the car was swinging over the whitewater below but we all made it safely and enjoyed the morning ripping up the gravel tracks until we again reached the highway southbound.

From here we continued south to another colonial town of Salento where they have these crazy tall palm trees and nice hostel located just outside of town on a ridgeline surrounded by greenery. We were finally able to set up out tent again and have spent a couple days here. Cost is about $4 a day and includes a nice breaky – they make it very hard to leave but we do have to get things rolling as we really are only about half way south through Colombia and we have been here about 3 weeks already.