Dec 2 ish Villa de Lleyva to Medellin

Villa de Lleyva is a nice Colonial town, yet again, cobble stone streets yada yada.  Highlight was the art museum of Colombias most famous painter Luis Alberto Acuna who’s house is right on the main square and the gallery of his work and collection was very cool.

From here we decided to head north west toward Medellin instead of south toward Bogota.  The route was nice winding country road, hwy 60 on the map – which dwindled to a single lane dirt track and made for an amazing ride but a very long day to Doradal – the region of Pablo Escobars ranch.  Next day was a stop at El Penol – a tall granite monolith surrounded by lake country just outside of medellin.  TK and I walked to the top, before running down to head into Medellin, a city of approx 5 million people.  We ran late – ended up arriving in the dark amidst crazy steep roads and busy traffic to find every hotel and hostel booked up.  3 hours later, exhausted we finally found a hostel with dorm beds so we collapsed and slept like logs.  We spent 2 days in town – First day we spent getting the bikes worked on, TK needed a new chain and me a new front tire amongst other odds and ends.  Next day I found an oil leak on my bike so spent that day also getting it fixed, was the o-ring in the gear selector sensor – a simple fix.  TK and the rest of the group took the day to run around and see the sights – taking the gondola they have here as a form of public transport – as the roads are crazy steep and no good for buses in places.  But I will let her type up the details