Nov 25 Mompos and Zapatoca

After Cartagena we toured the coast to the north then back south to UNESCO town of Mompos, located on big inland river was the main commercial hub for Colombia and gold trading centre as it is far away from the coast and safe from pirates. We have been travelling with friends we met on the sailboat James and Imogene from the UK and we met up again with Santiago and Craig from US. Took a river boat tour, looked at birds etc etc, nice place but nothing exciting happened. 

Riding away from Mompos we rode through town of el Banco. I got us lost and we had to bob and weave through town till we finally pulled over to look at the map. Tk talked to a school kid, then 2 then 3 and in no time we were surrounded by like 50 of them. People driving were pulling over and before you knew it we had a mob surrounding us. Tk was the star of the show and kids all wanted our autographs. Teacher came along too and wanted us to email and be part of an english class next week via email!  Men were asking all about our motos and traffic was literally stopped. Was awesome experience and a great example of how on such a trip a mistake turns into the best part of the day

Nov 24 was my birthday, now 49, and i received the best present. For the first time in 2 months we got to leave the stonking heat of the tropics and climb on twisty roads into the mountains to Zapatoca.

 The road in was awesome down through canyon and back up. Temps are truly perfect and our hotel an awesome chill courtyard old house next to main cathedral. 

We took a rest day here and walked the town and rode to a view point where a restaurant there served up an incredible meat platter, all cooked on spit by wood fire, literally just meat and couple of potatoes and chunks of yucca. It brought tears to my eyes i was soooo happy, oh and the view was ok too. 

We left town on the 26 th on the gravel back road, finally some dirt riding! Headed south to yet another colonial town of Villa de Lleyva and lucked into the swankiest place yet for paltry $18pp including breaky. We are admittedly getting soft. Real hard to get excited about setting up a tent.