Nov 17 Stahlratte boat trip

We left panama city early on the 13 th to ride to loading point a couple hours away in Carti, which is in he traditional territory of the Kuni people. We spent the first night on a nearby tiny island while the bikes were loaded and we got to know the other 20 odd moto travellers all migrating south. The food was awesome and was real nice to be able to just relax and crack a beer at 10 am and work on my tan to help blend in my ever expanding budha belly. First day was a short sail to a group of small white sand atolls straight off the cover of a travel brochure where we spent the day snorkelling and swimming and generally frolicking followed by rum soaked night. We pulled anchor at night and sailed striaght through to make Columbia next eve. Seas were rough, boat was rocking and half the group was up feeding the fish thru the night. The next day was still rough but we were joined by dolphins a couple of times.

We sailed up to Cartagena around 4pm. It was too late to dock & unload the bikes so we spent another night in the harbour on the boat. Lutwig, the captain of the Stahlratte, and crew were great! They loaded the bikes, cooked delicious meals & made the trip relaxed & fun. We would highly recommend this sailing to everyone. We docked early the next morning to unload the boat. Finally in South America!