Nov 11 Panama City

Been a little while since an update. After Nicaragua we rode straight thru costa ricaand spent one night just outside bit tourist centre of Jaco then rode to near panama border town for a night, only memory is more rain and hands down the worst chinese food we ever have eaten. I never get to eat chinese in the first place because tk no likey and that dinner sealed it, bummer for me. 

We then spent 3 days in the surfing hub of Panama called Santa Catalina. Apparently worldclass wave but not working while were there (not to suggest i would know what to do with a worldclass wave) so i had to settle for windblown beach break on a soft top board. We had a nice pad so felt good to chill out. There was a massive swell forecast and we left day before. Didnt matter cause it would have been to big for me. This is me, king of the white water

We moved closer to panama city, Palmar where swell was smaller and more accessible. Surfed a couple days and rode to Panama City. 

We stayed at a bnb with several other riders who were taking the same boat so we toured the panama canal and old city drank a bunch of beer and left early the last day to Catch the sailboat.