Oct 31 Miramar Nicaragua

We have been mostly intransit. Left the rio and were meant to visit our friend Denny who owns the backpacker beach resort we were married , but timing and a road washout closed the main highway for a day sonit didnt work out. 

We rode to the Honduran border nearest the east coast and after 1.5 hours were all done. That night we made it D&D brewery in the jungle near lake Yojoa, and rolled back toward pacific coast town of San Lorenzo. Next day crossed into Nicaragua. The border crossing was a bigger one and we hired a tout to help us as they are sort of a fact of life at these things. Process took 3-4 hours in the heat, was no fun and got pinned for an extra graft for the border officials. We left hot and bothered and made our way to miramar, a fishing village w couple surf camps. On the way I got busted by a cop for passing on the right, something we and every other moto has been doing since we left the US but I could not deny him the pleasure of a 40$ cash settlement. 

Miramar is real nice, right on the beach, few gringos and very chill. The wave out front is a bit beyond my ability, while not very big, it is fast zippy in front of rocks. Lets just say that if i was not already here on the motos, i could have had equal sucess floating in Brohm lake on my board and saved the airfare. Tk though is slaying it in the hammock

Said goodbye to Miramar and rode 250k south toward main nica surf zone San Juan Del Sur and rode to small beach PlayaMadera. Too late to go for a surf so we will just spend the night and roll in the am. An old friend from Whistler days, Mushroom Mark spends his winters here and just arrived couple days before so we walked over to his place for a beer and say hello, on moonlit beach walk home we came across a sea turtle flipping her way back into the water after laying her eggs!  Awesome!  We back tracked her flippertracks , found her stash and had the most amazing turtle eggs for breakfast, cant say that happens everyday. Just to be safe ,incase some folks dont get sarcasm, we didnt disturb the nest, eggs are safe, thebeach has a guard w shotgun to protect them

Next morn we were up at five to cross theborder into Costa Rica. It was slashing rain, we were soaked, and it took four hours to enter cr but we made it to mid way through the country near Jaco. Maybe tomorrow we shoot for Panama