Oct 26 to Guatemala

We had three days of rain to get to the rio, but in a good way. It was cool and roads good so we made good time. At guate border we met Dan from The Us travelling on a ktm 690 factory rally bike, an insane cool bike but also has been giving him alot of trouble, oddly comforting knowing i am not the only one having problems.  We three travelled together to the rio and spent a couple days hanging out. It is great to be back, have alot of great memories here and the time spent back in 2000 gave me the confidence to start my own design business when i returned to canada. 

Guatemala had a brutal civil war in the 90’s and lots orphans as a result. Casa Guatemala was started by a lady named Angie and grew to have a boat access home on the river where kids had a safe home, a school and place to grow up. 


They built a farm and also a hostel and restaurant in town where some of the older kids could work and learn skills to help them in the world. Angie has since retired and our friend Heather Graham, a fellow cannuck now runs things. With the war long over there are not so many orphans and the focus has shifted toward education and health care for the many surrounding mayan villages. Many of the villages are very remote and still only speak their native quechi. They now have some 205 kids attending the school here. It is a great organaization and would encourage anyone to donate to them as the money goes directly to the programs and infrastructure. 

We spent the morning visiting the Casa, they were having a school year end fiesta so lots of happy sugar laden kids running around and playing.

 It was 17 years ago i worked here so most all he kids have grown up and moved on but there are still some of them here and working.  It was awesome to see them again, and could totally recognize and remember them and now see them as adults, such a transformation!

In the afternoon tk and i rode our motos to Finca Paradiso. A hot springs water fall cascades into a cool river and is one of the most awesome places i have ever been. River was very high from all the rain but the hot spring still hot and you get a pounding Massage/shower/exfoliation. The local coco kids offer courses in machette saftey. 

The buildings we built, cafeteria

Boys dorm, right on the water,

Armando Millas, the boss and guy we worked with, great guy