Oct 22 Veracruz and San Cristobal

Driving in Mexico has been a learning process. When covering long distances we have mostly been using the toll roads which connect all larger centres. They are bloody expensive, i would guess about $50-$70 a day but in a weird way safer since there are less moving parts surrounding you. When we left BC we would always pass tractor trailers and high speed highway traffic real nervous like, now we dont even blink just go, feels good to feel mo betta on the bikes. Single lane highways are a bit more sketchy as everyone passes no matter when, trucks straddle the shoulder and oncoming trucks also so eveyone just flies on past each other. Other day we had some one passing the car that was passing us!!!, that was when we looked at each other and decided to grab that love motel and get the hell off the road. In the cities it is random chaos, if there is a hole, someone will fill it. Great news is motorbikes can lane split, cops included, and at all traffic lights we all move to front of line and when light turns green it is a race for the hole shot, also can be sketchy but we have found it is safer to move with traffic than be slow and cautious.   

Headed east out of Mexico City toward the gulf coast coast town of  Veracruz, leaving behind the delicously cool highlands and down to the stinking hot coastal plains. 

Was a nice biggish town on the coast i guess but the highlite was super awesome historical cafe with bowtied waiters and too much coffee. 

Headed south along the coast toward this lake beside a volcano, Catemaco, but got rained on and pics not so good. Still was nice ride on a small rural road near the gulf coast