Oct 18 Mexico City

Left Guadalahara and tried to get to Mexico City bit as we got closer the traffic increased and we ran out of daylight. To be safe we grabbed first hotel we saw in Toluca and were treated to our first ‘love hotel’. These things are awesome. You have a private garage you pull into and enter the suite above from within. No one sees you coming or going. Inside is a big bed, mirrors everywhere and porn on the tv. They are clean, cheap ($28) great shower and bonus bidet. Room service to boot. 

Next Day Mexico City, as suspected it is massive and we had to navigate to get to a moto shop to grab tires then our hotel. Super epic getting lost in Traffic but we got there. Got a hotel in the hostoric zone and walked to the main square, the zocalo. Checked out the cathedral, the aztec temple and walked around. A beautiful city. But it is sinking. The cathedral and all old buildings are super wonky as the city is built on an old lake bed and some spots sink faster than others. Next day we toured the museum of archaeology, fantastic architecture and glimpse into pre hispanic mexico. 

That evening we were invited to the home of Gustavo and Annie Llamas and their 3 sons Diego, Rodrigo, and Patricio. We met them last winter when thay rented our house over the holidays and they are such wonderful people we became friends. Gustavo battled rush hour traffic to come pick us up and we had a wonderful evening with dinner and drinks, sipping the most amazing mezcal and tequilla i have ever tasted and delicous guacamole and chiliquile dinner. We were up past midnight and drank alot of booze but it was so good we had no hangover.

 Next day we were back to the hotel, picked up new tires for the motos, last ones were pretty bald after the 8000 kms we have ridden so far. Next we head out toward guatemala, taking mostly the highway but will try to see some stuff if we can.