Sept 28 Leaving Albequerque

Bike is fixed.  When she fell over the shifter and shaft into the motor were bent. This was god news as the alternative was the shifter forks would have to be replaced – and to get at those you have to disassemble the entire motor and split the cases.  The guys at High Velocity, an indie shop that did it, were totally pro and fast and super reasonable – they also replaced my leaking gasket that was repaired in Montana.


Anyways – we are back on the road today going to Las Cruces for one last night in the USA then into Mexico tomorrow – have to high tail it to Mazatlan to go see Fred for Oct 6 so we can party away the weekend.  Will update from Mexico – our route will bne through the copper canyon – Creel to Batopilas to Urique – supposed to be amazing scenery