Sept 16 Near Salt Lake City

The 2 days we spent in Missoula was exactly the amount of time it took for the cold front approaching form the north to catch up to us with rain and snow in higher elevations.  Our route south took us over some passes, through Salmon Idaho and we rode into some fierce dark clouds.  We set up camp in the rain, packed up in the rain and as we pulled out it started to snow.  There were not many towns around here and we came upon a one horse cafe filled with hunters escaping the snow – we took a loonng break for bacon and eggs and with great trepidation headed into the storm.  I swear we were in Game of Thrones and we were heading north of the wall.  We were fully rugged up with heated grips and vest but the cold still got through.  Almost turned back but we pushed on over one more pass and as we descended the other side toward Idaho falls where the temps eased up and turned to rain.  From Idaho falls we took the old highway 91 south and got a hotel room in Preston to dry out the gear.  The day ended well as the rain stopped and the sky got kinda cool.  Looks like the weather in front of us will be nice – no more rain – we will head toward Moab and hopefully hook up with Wendy again – then cut over toward Colorado via Grand Junction to pick up the Divide trail and finally get on some dirt.  In 10 days we have to be in to Mexico so the clock she is ticking.