Sept 14 Leaving Missoula

2 days ago as my bike lost its ability to charge the battery.  I limped into Seely lake and spent the day trying to fix the issue and replaced my voltage regulator which is a common problem but to no avail.  Got the bike towed to Missoula courtesy of AAA and KTM dealer determined it to be a faulty stator, which they overnighted and hopefully later today we will be rolling again. As a result have spent the last 2 nights in a decent motor hotel near the shop – and had a wonderful surprise when our friend Wendy Kane – who we met in the Yukon 2 years ago, was also on a road trip and she jumped 2 hours out of her way to come spend the night – had mongolian grill and destroyed an 18 pack of twisted tea.  Our neighbours for our time in Missoula were Mr and Mrs Matt Brown – a most lovely couple who had to flee Seely Lake due to the constant smoke, they have been at the hotel for over two weeks by then.  I absolutely love their car – a Cadillac Biaritz – it is my dream to own such a land yatch one day.


We will be bypassing several stages of the CDR trail because A) of forest fires – most of this area is under constant evacuation alert, and B) the approaching cold front which is forecasted to bring 10″ of snow above 6000′ – which means the roads into Yellowstone Park will be snowy.  We are also quickly running out of time as we have to be into Mexico by the 26th when my insurance runs out, and have decided to pin it south to better weather and hope to rejoin the route shortly.